Since the Merivale team moved into the Pittwater venue, the coolest beer garden in Sydney just got that little bit (or a lot) cooler. The entire property is being renovated and they cleverly began with the garden. What they have done so far is exactly what the community wanted, they have accentuated the Northern Beaches feel and left no stone unturned when it comes to the food and drink offerings.

By our judgement, they have thought of absolutely everything: the usual wine and beer selections, an elaborate cocktail list, milkshakes & ice slushies and they have even brought a coffee roaster in!

On the food side of things they have created a market place where each kitchen specialises in something different – pub classics coming from ‘The Shack’, large shared plates coming from ‘The Kiosk’, crustaceans and the catch of the day coming from ‘The Seafood Market’. Best of all, the pizza by Italian maestro Vincenzo Biondini at ‘Vinnies Pizza’

Whilst we were there for an extremely long lunch we tried just about everything on the menu. From oysters to chicken wings, burgers to rotisserie chicken, pizza to porchetta. Although we were satisfied customers we didn’t stop there, we moved onto a selection of donuts and tarts and to finish off, a few bottles of vino as the sun went down on the idyllic shores of Pittwater. ‘This is the life’ was muttered numerous times as we sat and took it all in.

We can honestly say that there were so many standouts through the menu we would happily sign up for a Sunday session at the Newport every Sunday for the next month! And the best bit of all, not having to drive home, the old school courtesy bus takes care of that for you. We told you they had thought of everything!