If you want to find a great place to eat out anywhere you find yourself, speak to the locals. We put this theory to the test and asked one of the guys from our hotel to suggest 3 places where he would like to spend his Sunday morning. As we’d already visited his first two picks we were left with his final choice, Darling Café, 3rd time lucky some might say.

After short walk we stumbled across our intended destination and it was nice to be welcomed by a friendly young waitress and shown straight to table. Hold on, there was something odd about this café. Where were the queues? Why wasn’t there the standard 45-minute wait that we’ve all become accustomed to at many other Melbourne brunch spots? Surely this is a bad sign.

Now although there were still a table or two available, the cafe had a nice buzz, you could smell the coffee and the food that was coming out was clearly giving other diners, including ourselves, some serious food envy.

First stop…hydration! Tea, Coffee and fresh juices all round to try and wake up the soul and undo crimes committed to the body the night before. It worked, the green juice visibly brightened our eyes and the beetroot juice gave an added shine to our hair, or was that the camera app we were using?

Our lovely waitress recommended the vegetarian breakfast so of course we ordered the Darling Club Sandwich and the Eggs Benedict with prosciutto! When the plates arrived the entire place stopped talking and gawped at the triple decker nature of the club sanger, it was ginormous and it didn’t’ disappoint. The addition of the wasabi mayo and the chilli tomato sauce gave the sanger a wicked hit of heat and the extra order of hash browns were delicious but complete overkill. Let it be said, we are the masters of over ordering!

Now can everyone be standing please? ALL HAIL Eggs Benedict, the king of breakfasts, ruler of all hangovers! As eggs benedict’s go, this was an extremely good version. Eggs perfectly poached, served with crisp prosciutto which is how we serve poached eggs in our cook book. The hollandaise sauce was in abundance; a nice word to use when you are talking about the serving size of your favourite sauce! Top-notch stuff.

So what have we learnt from this little food adventure?

1) Take time out to ask the locals where they would go and against your better judgement as Sydneysider, trust them!

2) If Darling Café is anything to go by, there is a lot more to Melbourne’s breakfast scene than queues, wait times and pics for the ‘gram! (guilty!)