[S] Fun Fact – Will loves to eat Japanese food! Sometimes I look at him and I see Mr Miyagi – minus the facial hair and any ability to successfully karate chop anything! I think it’s safe to say that he was probably Japanese in a former life. Anyway, being the creature of habit that he is, I decided to take him out for a bit of sushi and we ended up at the doors of the clean and classy Potts Point restaurant, Cho Cho San.

[W] The restaurant itself is really cool, there are multiple textures in the décor (I sound like I should be on The Block!) with lots of brass, wood and concrete. Strange to say it but it really sets the tone for the food that comes out of the kitchen.

[S] Listen to this guy, ‘textures’, let’s get into the food! First off we needed something to keep us going whilst we gave the menu a good going over. We settled on the Edamame dip and the waitress described this to us as Japanese guacamole – perfect. The dish is essentially peas, avocado and edamame blitzed together with a few mystery ingredients to make a light fresh and vibrant puree that goes ever so well with the wanton chips. Simple yet delicious.

[W] Yellow Fin Tuna, Gochujang & Nori was our next little taster. Outstanding! Raw tuna is a favourite of mine and always my go-to with wasabi and some soy dipping sauce. This however, was next level. Beautiful fresh tuna served with shallots, crisp nori, pickles and bean sprouts. Gochujang (for those who don’t know – me included) is a fermented chilli and that coated the Tuna and truly bought this dish to life.

[S] Japanese wouldn’t be my first choice when picking a restaurant so I was very excited to see something different on Cho Cho San’s menu, the word Bolognaise was staring back at me, albeit a Japanese version of Bolognaise. What a clever and delicious little dish of udon noodles, pork mince and chilli. It’s an absolute must have in my opinion.

[W] To satisfy our grilled seafood cravings we finished with the king prawns with kombu butter and ordered the cabbage and ginger salad to make us feel better about our ever growing waistlines! Grilled Prawns are pretty standard on most menus these days so the kombu butter had a bit of work to do. Kombu is a brown seaweed used in Japanese cooking, usually as the base of a stock but here it was incorporated into a burnt butter and it added a flavour that really baffled our tastebuds…in a good way.

[S] Where Cho Cho San excels is having knowledgeable staff who gracefully tell you everything you need to know about everything on the menu you’ve never heard of!!

[W] Safe to say we’ll be returning to cover off on all the intriguing menu items that we didn’t have time for. I might event try and recreate that deep fried Nori at home.

[S] Fire extinguisher at the ready!